I hear it so many times, I’m going to get fit first then I’ll come, so many people are so scared of the word BOOTCAMP, yet why do our bootcamps continue to be popular? I have run a variety of bootcamps programs for the last 7 years, with a majority of our clients getting the most amazing results and continuing on to become fitness addicts and completely changing their lifestyle’s to make health & wellness a priority.  I have contemplated changing the name due to the poor attention that bootcamp has gotten over the last few years, but this is what I have been famous for. Many bootcamps have arisen and sadly have either scared of the majority of those interested in bootcamp results or because most people usually overestimate their fitness level and attend an advanced class with a Trainer that has little experience or with no small progression or modifications.

Here’s why our Bootcamps continue to be popular, First every person joining our program goes through a 7 steps to get to know you, your health history, your current lifestyle, your stress level and family life are all personally reviewed. These elements tell us how you will do in our classes and what fitness level you will be at. We then take that and provide you the correct support to help YOU get the most out of our classes. As all our classes are taught by certified, caring and passionate Personal trainers, we strive to design our bootcamps around our participants, level of fitness, all ages and most of all shapes & sizes.

No class is ever the same, we change our music often, pumping beats to keep you energized, with over 200 class plan formats be careful what you wish for, all at the right level for you. We encourage all levels of fitness participants from beginner to advanced. With some of our Trainers that have Group Fitness & kickboxing certifications so you may get the odd requested step class reboot once in a blue moon, yet it all depends on who is ready for it. Kettlebells, Cardio blast, Core focus, Plyometric, plus fusion classes are all on the list. It is always ok to walk, take a break, drink water and never get yelled (barely) at until we know your personal level of comfort.  Our trainers strive to get to know you and ensure you’re comfortable. You will get results, lose weight, improve your level of fitness. and some great tips. Our classes are full of great friends, family members working out together, lots of laughs  and an provide all round supportive community of members. Why wouldn’t it, we are all here for the same reason!  Once hooked you will love it!