My experience at Betterbody fitness has been amazing.  I joined three years ago with my cousin to get in shape for my wedding and still continue to come even after I reached my goals.  The instructors are great and I have made some wonderful friends here.  I like coming to Betterbody fitness because the workouts are never the same and its so motivating to workout in a group versus on your own.  The classes are at your own pace and the instructors know how to push you to your limits.  I look forward to my workouts after a long day of work because I know I am going to feel so relaxed when I am done.  It is definitely a fun and laid back environment, which always keeps me coming back for more.  In addition, they offer personal training classes which really get my butt in gear if I have a trip or special event coming up.  I know I can depend on Julianne when I need to lose a few pounds!  She will make sure you come to class even when you don’t feel like it.  When I get her text, I know I need to get off the couch and put my gym gear on.  I recommend Betterbody fitness to anyone that wants to have a great workout and have fun doing it.

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