Betterbody Bootcamp

Betterbody Bootcamp

Indoor and Outdoor Bootcamp

Why is our Bootcamp different? Well all of our classes are taught by Certified Personal trainers that are passionate about helping people. They share their success with incorporating a safe and effective Bootcamp for beginners to advanced Levels. Want fast results & to lose up to 10lbs, then Betterbody Bootcamp Program is for you.

Get in shape “Betterbody”style! This fast paced, fun and exhilarating class is multi-level and guaranteed to push you right out of your comfort zone. Bootcamp involves a variety of training methods such as full-body workouts that target the major muscle groups of the upper & lower body, specifically designed to make you sweat! From circuit-style routines that jump-start cardio fitness, to creative muscle-toning exercises using dumbbells, exercise bands, or even the participant’s body weight, each class brings its own unique challenges. No two classes are the same! Students will work to improve cardiovascular stamina, core strength, & flexibility

We have experience to adapt a class to all fitness levels and demands.


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August 12, 2016